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Brief overview: +++ living in Reichenbach (Germany) +++ working as IT specialist at Siemens Power Generation +++ playing the keyboards in the Fisherman's Band +++

Here your will find some of my Tcl/Tk related work.
 Tcl FTP Library 
  The FTP Library Package 1.2 extends tcl/tk with commands to support the file transfer protocol like Open, Close, List, Put, Get, Reget ... The package is 100% tcl code, no extensions, no C stuff.
Hpupdate is a simple ftp client and a good example how ftp_lib works.
NOTE: The ftp package is now part of the tcl standard library tcllib.
 Tcl MIDI Sys-Ex Library 
  The MIDI Sys-Ex Package 0.2 extends tcl/tk with commands to send and receive MIDI System Exclusive messages for Musicians under Win32. The package contains a Visual C++ 6.0 project to build a native Windows DLL. (still BETA)
 Roland A-33 Patch Librarian 
  The A-33 Editor/Librarian allows you to edit and save the parameters/setup of your Roland A-33 MIDI keyboard controller by way of a user-friendly, graphical interface, which clearly shows all settings. An easy to use librarian maintains your 32 patch presets.
After finishing your session print the automatically created label of all 32 presets for your A-33 device!
 Tcl Plugin Demo 
  Sometime I played around with the Tcl Web-plugin. Here is the funny result.
Do you like playing puzzle games? Pop up a melancholic jester! Solve the puzzle and let the jester jump! Impatient solvers I suggest to press the cheat keys Ctrl+Space!
You must have installed the tcl browser plugin 2.0 or above.        
changed: 01/20/02